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Point Lookout State Park and Lighthouse ​​

In St. Mary's County, Maryland, at the mouth of the Potomac River, where land surrenders to restless waves, the Point Lookout Lighthouse stands sentinel, its weathered brick cloaked in tales of history and whispers of the unexplained. Built in 1830, the lighthouse guided countless ships through treacherous waters, its beacon a beacon of hope in the swirling fog. But within its sturdy walls, darkness entwined with light, weaving a story as chilling as the ocean winds.

The whispers began with the Civil War when Point Lookout housed a notorious prisoner-of-war camp. Over 25,000 soldiers and civilians, Confederate and Union alike, endured the camp's squalid conditions, succumbing to disease, starvation, and despair. It's said their suffering lingers, carried on the wind like mournful cries, echoing through the empty corridors of the lighthouse. Witnesses report phantom footsteps tapping on the spiral staircase, disembodied voices pleading for help, and apparitions of weary soldiers flitting across the darkened rooms.

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