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Harrisburg Covered Bridge

The Harrisburg Covered Bridge, also referred to as the Pigeon River Covered Bridge, the East Fork Bridge, or the McNutts Bridge, is located east of Sevierville off U.S. Highway 441. The bridge is a queen-post pony truss design and crosses the East Fork of Little Pigeon River. The span of the bridge is 64 feet, with a total length of 88 feet. The inner width is 10 feet. The building material of the walls consists partly of tinplate.

Before the Harrisburg Bridge was built in 1875, the McNutts Bridge, located in the same spot, washed away during a flood. That year, the Sevier County Court ordered a panel to carry out the construction of a new bridge. The local population contributed to the financing, provided construction materials, or worked as an assistant in building the project. The voluntary cash donations totaled $50, with the county's $25 contribution.

In the late years of the 19th century, the population grew around Harrisburg, and life in the area flourished due to the many local mills and blacksmith workshops. A new bypass was built around Harrisburg around 1915 and the community use of the bridge dwindled as people moved away.

In 1952 the bridge was stabilized with the help of a concrete bridge pillar attached to the building framework. By the 1970s, though, the overall state of the bridge had deteriorated so much that it was thought to demolish it, until the Daughters of the American Revolution organization raised the necessary donations to rehabilitate the bridge. This organization also successfully rallied to include the bridge in the National Register of Historic Places in June 1975.

In 1983, the bridge was re-established, but it was noted on the bridge that the crossing was limited to a total weight of three tons for vehicles. After this further renovation, the total weight limit increased to 15 tons. An estimated 20 vehicles per day now cross the bridge.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about Harrisburg Covered Bridge

This picturesque bridge is the state's oldest remaining covered bridge.

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