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The Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge, a majestic mountain resort perched on the southern slope of Mount Hood in Oregon, boasts a rich history and breathtaking scenery. However, for many cinephiles, the lodge will forever be associated with Stanley Kubrick's chilling adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining." Filmed in the winter of 1979, the movie transformed the lodge's grand interiors and desolate surroundings into the setting for a terrifying tale of isolation and psychological horror.

The filming not only left a lasting mark on the movie industry but also continues to shape the public's perception of Timberline Lodge. The lodge's grand lobby, with its massive fireplace and ornately beamed ceilings, served as the Overlook Hotel's opulent interior in the film. While some alterations were made, such as carpeting the previously bare floor and adding creepy twins to the elevator doors, the core features of the space remained largely unchanged. The exterior of the lodge, particularly the long, symmetrical corridors overlooking the snow-covered slopes, became an iconic image in the film, conveying a sense of isolation and claustrophobia. These recognizable locations continue to draw fans of the movie to Timberline Lodge, eager to experience the setting for some of the film's most suspenseful scenes.

The filming of The Shining wasn't without its controversies. Stephen King, the novel's author, expressed dissatisfaction with Kubrick's interpretation of the story, and some critics felt the film strayed too far from the source material. However, there's no denying the film's enduring impact on popular culture. The Shining's haunting visuals and psychological themes continue to resonate with viewers, solidifying Timberline Lodge's place in horror movie history. The lodge itself has embraced this association, offering tours specifically focused on the filming locations and hosting events celebrating the movie's legacy.

The presence of The Shining has undoubtedly boosted tourism at Timberline Lodge. Fans of the film flock to the lodge throughout the year, eager to explore the Overlook Hotel's real-life counterpart. This increased interest has benefited the lodge financially, allowing for continued maintenance and preservation of its historic features. Timberline Lodge now offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure, historic charm, and a touch of Hollywood horror, catering to a diverse range of visitors.

For those seeking a winter wonderland escape, Timberline Lodge offers exceptional skiing and snowboarding opportunities. During the summer months, the surrounding mountains provide scenic hiking and biking trails. Beyond its recreational offerings, the lodge itself boasts a rich history dating back to the 1930s, with architectural features reflecting the National Park Service rustic style. A visit to Timberline Lodge offers a unique opportunity to combine outdoor adventure, historical appreciation, and a brush with a chilling cinematic legacy.

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A 52 Weeks of Fun Fascinating Fact about The Timberline Lodge

In the novel "The Shining," the haunted room in the Overlook Hotel is Room 217. In the film adaptation, the room number was changed to Room 237 after Timberline Lodge management was concerned that guests might avoid Room 217 after seeing the movie.

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